Sep 27, 2022

It is a rare evening to sit outside next to the fire with my husband. Sunday was one of those rare nights and we caught a rare sight.


Evidently this is StarLink—a series of satellites by SpaceX designed to bring global internet to all. StarLink is no longer visible as the satellites have vanished into orbit.

This quickly led into discussion with my very patient husband of just how big stars are…I didn’t do well in science classes, so I’m picking up a lot of the basics in my 40s. The elementary school picture of the planets neatly lined up next to the sun do not do size justice.


Sun and planet size

This is a picture (it is widely used, so I don’t know who to credit) of the sun compared to earth.

Now, here’s the crazy part—did you know that Polaris (which is first of all three stars…) is roughly 50 times bigger than the sun?! It’s a “super giant star.” This photo is also used a lot, but see EarthSci for one example.

Not only is the brightest star we see from the northern hemisphere a gillion times bigger than earth, but the tiny stars are actually something like 500 times bigger than earth (don’t check my math, please).

I wonder if earth is even visible from Polaris? (probably not, but I didn’t want to embarrass myself further with questioning)

My takeaway:

I am but a fleeting speck on earth. And, I most definitely impact those in my system. And, I most definitely will not be noticed by the biggest systems. And that’s ok.

Shifting focus to how I can impact those in my closest system is my mission. This means that I’m finally putting into action ideas that I’ve been sitting on because they weren’t “the best” and I could work on them longer, sell the ideas to a big corporation, or create better technology to make a bigger impact. For now, I’m ok with helping those closest to me where I can see the impact during the time that I have and the time I want to allocate to the endless ideas.

For you, that means sharing a short document on how to start difficult conversations with clients around money. See the Managing Conflict Course.


I hope you can enjoy some star gazing and reflection this week.

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