About Dr. Sonya Lutter, CFP®, LMFT


To enlighten is to give greater knowledge and understanding about a situation. That’s what ENLITE is all about!

As a catalyst for change, I bridge the gap between leadership and mental health so people are cared for holistically.

I believe 
  • In leading with kindness and care.
  • Being fully present is the key to exceeding expectations.
  • Data drives decision-making.
  • Needs should be met with compassion.
  • Helping people helps their people.


Who is ENLITE for?

ENLITE is for leaders who want to expand their understanding of how mental health shows up with clients and teams and want to expand their personal and professional acumen.

ENLITE is for leaders who are in the position where they must deliver undesirable news to their clients and teams. 

Here's a story about my journey to ENLITE.


My Books

Consider gifting Love & Money to your clients or the newly engaged family of your clients or get a copy for your own family! 

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